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I've posted two new fics on AO3 Both Overwatch
:/ maybe I should say that "The Other Half" is done and any new chapters should be a new fic.
I've got four and a half chapters written of a different fic called It's Never Easy. Pretty apprehensive about posting it though...
So i'm writing a fic that's TECHNICALLY a cross-over, but like the characters from other fandoms aren't really there MUCH so... yeah I dunno. I'm probly not gonna post it :(

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Bobble woke with a start, sitting up immediately. He held his right hand to his chest, trying to calm his heart as images of a nightmare hung in his mind. The room was still dark, moonlight shining in through the open window. He rubbed his eyes and looked to where Clank had been when he fell asleep, but found the other half of the bed empty.

“Clank?” Bobble’s eyes darted around, trying to spot his boyfriend. He grabbed his goggles hastily. “Clank, where are you?” his voice cracked with panic.

“I’m over here.” Clank replied from across the room. Bobble heaved a sigh of relief and hovered across the room to where Clank sat at the table. He held his head in his hands, his hair fell like curtains on either side of his face. Bobble could tell by the way his wings drooped against his back that he was troubled too.

“I suppose we’re both plagued with nightmares now, aren’t we?” Bobble sighed as he sat down, pulling the goggles over his eyes.

Clank sighed and kept his gaze lowered. “I never went to sleep.” He admitted, laying his arms on the table. Bobble took Clank’s hand. “I don’t get it. I hated him. I… we had every reason to hate him. Shouldn’t I be glad he’s gone? Glad he can’t hurt you anymore? Why do I feel so awful?"

Bobble ran his thumb over Clank’s knuckles. “I feel bad too.” He sighed. “I have no idea why. He was always awful to me. I just woke up from a nightmare where he was strangling me again. And yet… I never wanted this to happen to him.”

“I nearly lost you twice because of him.” Clank sighed. “All the pain he caused you… I want him to receive it tenfold. But… He’s gonna die out there.” Clank stared at the table again, holding his head up with his free hand.

“I wonder if anyone stayed with him until he woke up.” Bobble said. “Or if he was just left out there alone, with no idea where he was or why he was there. Did anyone tell him he’d been banished?”

“Did he even get a chance to wake up?” Clank mumbled. “He could’ve gotten eaten or something before he ever had a chance to see he’d been banished .”

Bobble squeezed Clank’s hand. “I didn’t even think of that… This really is more like a death sentence…”

“Do you think there’s any way we could’ve stopped it?” Clank asked.

“We were both unconscious, Clank.” Bobble sighed. “and it’s ultimately the Queen’s decision. We could have begged her to let him stay and she still could have banished him.”

Clank sighed heavily. “What was his problem with you anyway? Why did he hate you so much?”

“I’ve been asking myself that for years.” Bobble shrugged. “He told me the other day it was because he thought I was lazy. Or he thought I acted like I was better than everyone else? He said a lot of things. I’m not really sure if any of it was the real reason he hated me. He just… has never liked me.”

“That’s all nonsense though.” Clank said. “So he was terrible for no reason other than to be terrible?”

“That’s certainly what it seems like.” Bobble nodded. “And yet…”

“We still feel bad about what happened.” Clank finished.

“Aye.” Bobble breathed. They sat for a moment, not speaking. Not sure how to feel. “He’s the first one who called me ‘Bobble’… Did you know that?”

“I accidently picked the name up from him. I didn’t know he made it up.” Clank said, looking up now. “I always wondered why you hated it so much. Makes sense it’s because of him.

“Well there’s a little more to it than that.” Bobble started. “it was the same day I ran away from here. The same day I made the deal with Queen Clarion, and the same day he and I were chased by Sprinting Thistles.”

“What happened?” Clank asked.

“Fairy Mary told me I shouldn’t leave Tinker’s Nook because of my sight, she was angry when she said it. We both were. The way she said it, it made me feel like I was a burden to everyone here. I ran and stumbled, getting myself tangled in ropes a carrier pigeon had… which left me dangling in a tree… ‘What a nifty Bobble hanging in this tree’ he’d said. I asked for help…” Bobble sighed, pulling his hand from Clank’s. “He wouldn’t give it. He got the rest of the guild taunting… laughing… calling me by that name… I was completely humiliated and there was nothing I could do. So I ran as soon as Fairy Mary untangled me. He never stopped calling me that. The rest of Tinker’s Nook took to the name for a while as well. It was a constant reminder of how out of place I was here.”

“Phineas… I’m so sorry. I didn’t know.” Clank whispered.

Bobble shook his head. “No, it’s okay. I’m letting that go now… because of you. Don’t think you have to call me Phineas now that you know where the name Bobble came from. I like it when you call me Bobble. You never said it disrespectfully. And I never feel out of place when I’m with you,”

Clank smiled weakly at him. “You mean that?”

“Of course.” Bobble answered. “Clank, you’re the best thing that ever happened to me. Do you remember back when I first told you about my deal with Clarion?”

“Sort of.” Clank said. “What about it?”

“We agreed to assume you’re the one I’ve been waiting for.” Bobble said, looking Clank in the eye. “I told Rosetta the other day… I don’t assume anything. I know it’s you. I can’t imagine anyone who could possibly be better for me than you are. You always stand by me no matter how dumb I’m acting, you always take my feelings into consideration. You’ve saved my life from the same horrible roach twice.” Bobble’s smile suddenly faded.

“What’s wrong?” Clank asked.

“I’m… not good enough for you…” Bobble said.

Clank straightened up. “What are you talking about?”

Bobble hugged himself and stared at the floor. “All I’ve ever done is make you worry about me. And because of my stupidity… Your back…”

Clank got up and hugged Bobble from behind. “Didn’t we go over this yesterday? Our injuries aren’t your fault or mine. They’re his. And you’ve done plenty for me. You taught me everything. You’ve been my friend, you kept trying to talk to me when I was hiding from you. You stayed with me when you knew I was having nightmares. You do plenty for me, Bobble. And besides, I can’t really take credit for saving you today. That was more the Scout’s doing. I couldn’t even pull him off of you.” Clank said, trailing his fingertips along Bobble’s neck.

Bobble shivered and leaned back into Clank’s chest. “But you were still ready to protect me.”

“I didn’t do a very good job.” Clank sighed. Bobble turned his head and kissed Clank’s cheek.

“I’m alive aren’t I?” Bobble said. “You did a good enough job.”

“But I couldn’t get him to let go.” Clank said.

“Neither could I. Or Fairy Gary, or Fairy Mary for that matter. He was determined to hold on and so drastic measures had to be taken. It’s not that you couldn’t protect me and more that he’d lost his mind.” Bobble said, nestling in close to Clank, keeping his wings tucked close to his back.

Clank tilted his head forward and nuzzled Bobble’s neck. “I just wish I could have kept him from leaving these on you.” He brushed his lips against the bruises. Bobble took a sharp breath, clutching Clank’s wrist. Clank smiled against his neck and continued trailing soft kisses along the bruises, wrapping his arm tighter around Bobble’s stomach. Bobble squirmed in his grasp, his breath quickening as Clank began nibbling at his neck, letting his tongue glide along the purple marks that had been left there.

He could feel the warmth growing in his face and chest as his eyes fluttered shut, breathing becoming slightly labored while Clank slowly moved down the side of his neck. He hadn’t realized how just how sensitive he was, all this attention stirring something up inside him. Clank lightly scraped his teeth against the soft flesh and sucked lightly, making Bobble gasp slightly. Clank slowly slid one hand up Bobble’s stomach while holding his hip with the other. Bobble felt like putty in Clank’s hands as the heat continued to build in him. This felt so much better than what his mental images had done several weeks ago. Bobble’s eyes snapped open just as Clank lightly bit the crook of his neck.

You’re disgusting. Bobble’s mind echoed. He trembled and swallowed the lump that found its way into his throat. Clank stopped. Bobble took a few shaky breaths as Clank lifted his head back up to look at him. Bobble stared straight ahead at the wall, unable to make himself look anywhere else.

“Bobble,” Clank sounded concerned. “What’s wrong? Why are you crying?”

Bobble’s breath caught in his throat. He blinked and felt tears spill from his eyes. He hadn’t noticed how shaky his breathing had gotten. Clank unwrapped his arms and Bobble quickly stepped away from him, holding himself tightly. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.” Bobble muttered, barely audible.

Clank lay his hand on his back and rubbed small circles just above Bobble’s wings. “What’s going on? Are you okay?” Bobble moved away again and hovered over to his bed and sat in the corner furthest away from Clank, curling up as he did so. “Do… you want me to leave?” Clank asked hesitantly.

Bobble shook his head and buried his face in his knees. Clank sat behind him, but didn’t touch him. “I’m sorry.” He said. “I got a bit carried away. I guess I thought you would like all that.”

“It’s not that…” Bobble said shakily. “I did like it.”

“You did?” Clank asked. Bobble nodded silently. “Well, then why…? I didn’t hurt you did I?”

Bobble shook his head. “No… No, of course not…” he sighed. “It’s just… I…”

Clank rubbed Bobble’s shoulder. “It’s okay. You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to.”

“No! No,” Bobble turned around to face Clank. “I have to say this…” He took a couple deep breaths and looked up at Clank “a couple months ago… after Iridessa’s arrival…I spent the night thinking about you. I was pretending you were with me and I… I was touching myself… pretending it was you the whole time… making me feel good. I never wanted you to find out about me doing something so shameful…”

Bobble expected Clank to get up and put a space cushion between them. Or grab his shirt and bandages and leave. What he didn’t expect was for Clank to laugh. He gave Clank a confused look. “What…?”

“Is that all?” Clank laughed. “Oh, Bobble. That’s nothing to be ashamed of. Especially not now. What you do in your spare time is your business. Besides, you were in the privacy of your own home.”

“It’s really embarrassing Clank!” Bobble argued.

“Well, I guess I can see why you’d think that. Since you still weren’t telling me how you feel about me. But you don’t need to be embarrassed now.” Clank said.

Bobble chuckled, relaxing a little more. “I suppose not. I just never thought you would actually touch me that way.”

Clank smiled slightly “Do you want me to?”

“What?” Bobble was a little surprised.

“Do you want me to touch you?” Clank asked softly, leaning in closer. Bobble swallowed, feeling the blush grow in his cheeks. Clank chuckled quietly and stroked Bobble’s cheek. “Sorry, I’m getting ahead of myself again.”

“N-no! It’s okay.” Bobble said. “I… wouldn’t mind if you…” his voice trailed off as he glanced down in his lap. Clank leaned forward and softly caught Bobble’s lips with his own, trailing his hand down the side of his face and caressing the back of his neck. Bobble curled his arms around Clank’s shoulders, shifting closer to him. He breathed deep as Clank moved his lips against his own, urging them to part. Clank let his tongue glide across Bobble’s lip before catching his bottom lip between his teeth briefly. Bobble tangled his left hand in Clank’s hair, while he weakly dug the fingers of his other hand into Clank’s shoulder.

Clank broke away from Bobble’s lips and placed soft, sweet kisses on Bobble’s cheek where a particularly ugly bruise had blossomed. Bobble drew sharp breathes, combing his fingers up against Clank’s scalp as he again trailed his kisses down to his neck, repeating what he’d done before. He slid his hand down Bobble’s back and nibbled at the bruises, sucking at the skin as he trailed lower. He trailed his free hand up Bobble’s stomach as he nuzzled his neck, then nipped at his collar bone. Bobble tugged at Clank’s hair, whimpering, still slightly embarrassed by his own sensitivity but loving Clank’s lips on him all the same.

He felt a tug at the front of his shirt, bringing his attention back momentarily. “Can I take this off?” Clank mumbled into his neck. Bobble tilted his head so the tip of Clank’s ear was right by his lips.

“Aye. Go ahead.” He muttered. If he’d been thinking rationally he would have said it was only fair since Clank already had his shirt off from earlier treatment. But rationality was gone and truthfully Bobble just wanted to know what Clank would do with more exposed skin. Clank leaned back from Bobble and undid the buttons and unwrapped the shirt. Bobble dropped his arms from Clank’s neck and let him ease the shirt off his back and wings. A smile tugged at his lips as he reached for Clank again.

Slowly, Clank rested his hand on Bobble’s hips, staring at his chest with a strange mix of awe and anguish. Bobble hesitantly looked down at his chest and saw how many more dark splotches littered his skin. He dropped his arms to his side, unsure what to do or say now. I probably look disgusting.

“Do they hurt?” Clank asked. Bobble just stared and didn’t answer. Clank looked back up at him. “The bruises, do they hurt?” Clank asked, lightly trailing his fingertips down Bobble’s chest for emphasis.

Bobble shivered, relief washing over him. “Aye, a little.” He admitted. “Please be gentle.”

“I will.” Clank whispered. “C’mere.” He dropped his hands to Bobble’s hips and pulled him into his lap.

“Ah!” Bobble gasped, suddenly being full flush against Clank’s chest. He was so warm, so soft, and Bobble loved being this close to him. “I thought I said be gentle.” He laughed, hooking his legs on either side of Clank. Bobble’s breath hitched as he felt warm fingertips glide up his spine and brush against the base of his wings. He squirmed and hugged Clank’s neck once more, desperate for something to hold onto.

“I am.” Clank grinned. “I just remember this feeling good last night.” He barely touched Bobble’s wing as he slowly brushed one hand over them. Bobble buried his face in Clank’s neck as his wings twitched and fluttered at Clank’s touch.

Clank chuckled and ran his hand over the wing again. Bobble panted, the warmth in his wings was sensational. He bit his own knuckle to keep from whining too loud. “You do like that, don’t you?” Clank asked. Bobble nodded into Clank’s shoulder. “Good.” He reached out as far as he could and with just one finger traced the lines in Bobble’s wings. “Y’know, you have rather large wings for someone your size.”

Bobble groaned, staring over Clank’s shoulder. “It’s not fair!” he whined. “I want to touch your wings too.”

Clank smiled, feeling his cheeks grow warm. “Then do it.” He said simply.

“Won’t it hurt you?” Bobble asked.

“It didn’t when you touched them yesterday.” Clank replied. Bobble hadn’t even remembered that he’d touched Clank’s wings before. He stared over Clank’s shoulder at his wings, wanting to send the same tingling warmth through them that Clank was doing to him. Bobble moaned into Clank’s neck as he passed his hand over his wings again. “Feels good, right?” he whispered.

“Tell me if I hurt you.” Bobble breathed, reaching his good arm behind Clank and brushing his fingers along the edge of one wing. The hand on his hip tightened its grip as Clank arched forward. Bobble grinned and glided his palm down the wing, letting his thumb slide along the edge. Clank responded with a moan as he slid his fingertips to Bobble’s back and let his hand drop to his hip again. His eyes fluttered closed as Bobble traced the spirals in the wings with such a delicate touch. It sent fire through Clank, and he never wanted Bobble to stop. He slid his hands up Bobble’s sides and clutched his body right beneath his arms.

“Hey, Bobble?” Clank managed to say, though his voice shook slightly.

Bobble lifted his fingers off of Clank’s wings. “Aye, Clank? Are you alright?”

“Yeah, I’m fine.” He said, “I was just thinking…”

“What is it?” Bobble sat back on Clank’s knees.

“Do you think maybe we’re doing too much too fast? I mean, we only got together yesterday.”

Bobble bit his lip. Was this too fast? He supposed it probably was, but he really didn’t want to stop yet. He leaned forward and softly kissed Clank before answering. “Today has been awful, Clank. I don’t care if this is fast, I know what I want, and that’s you. Can we please end today on a high note? Besides, I think we deserve it after all the near-death experiences we’ve had lately.”

Clank’s expression softened. “Are you sure?”

“Aye, positive Clanky.” Bobble said, leaning his forehead on Clank’s. He felt Clank’s hand run along the length of his torso again, coming to rest on his waist. His hands were so warm, he wanted them all over his body. Clank lifted him off his lap, and lay him down on the bed, holding himself over Bobble. He could feel Clank’s stomach press against him as Clank leaned down for another kiss. Bobble wrapped his arms around Clank’s neck and arched his back, pressing against Clank’s body.

Clank froze suddenly. Bobble opened his eyes to see Clank staring down at him, red faced and nervous. Bobble’s grip slipped and he fell back on the bed. “Ouch!” he cried, clutching his right arm.

“Bobble!” Clank gasped and took the arm in his hands. “I’m sorry, are you okay?”

Bobble groaned a little. “I’m fine… ouch…” he pulled his arm away from Clank and held it to his chest. “Are you okay? What happened?”

Clank blushed and looked away. “I… you… um…” He pressed his palm against the front of Bobble’s pants, making him gasp. Bobble had been ignoring how aroused he was getting, but now that Clank had pointed it out it was pretty obvious.

Bobble laughed nervously. “Oh. Eh heh… I, um… I guess I really like what you’re doing to me.” He closed his eyes, cringing at his own words, realizing how weird they sounded.

“Are… you sure you don’t want me to stop?” Clank asked, incredibly red in the face.

“Do you want to stop?” Bobble asked. “If you’re not comfortable then we can stop.”

Clank stared for a moment, then leaned his face down to Bobble’s chest, kissing one of the larger bruises. “I… think I’m okay... just surprised I guess.”

Bobble shivered as Clank ran his hands down his stomach. “Wh-why would this surprise you?” he gasped, and arched upward, pressing against Clank again.

“Well…” Clank said, “I didn’t think I could get you this excited so easily.” Clank dragged his hand along Bobble’s thigh, drawing a heavy breath from him as he did. Bobble let his arms fall to his sides helplessly, rocking his hips forward. Clank leaned down again and licked one of Bobble’s nipples, causing more heavy breaths and more squirming. He hooked his legs around Clank’s hips again and ground against him, not really thinking anymore, but the friction felt nice so he did it again.

Clank let out a breathy laugh before taking Bobble’s nipple between his teeth and tugging lightly on it. Bobble’s hand found its way into Clank’s hair again, and held him to his chest, his fingers tangling in the black mess. His grip tightened on the hair as Clank pressed against his groin. “Do you like that?” he whispered.

“Aye… don’t stop.” Bobble breathed. Clank obliged and slowly rubbed Bobble’s erection through his pants. Bobble twitched beneath him, breath quickening. Clank curled his fingers over the waist band of his pants. Bobble shot a glance down at Clank, who stared back with a questioning look.

“Can I…?” he started to ask.

“Do it.” Bobble cut him off. “Take them off me.”

Clank blushed, smiling and pulled the pants down slowly. Bobble raised his hips to allow Clank to undress him, and felt himself spring free from the garment. The cool night air surrounded him. He wasn’t sure if it was that or anticipation that made him shutter as Clank threw his clothes on the floor. He could feel his face burn, but for once he didn’t feel embarrassed. He’s seen you naked before he reminded himself. It took too long for Clank to touch him again, making Bobble open his eyes. Clank just held himself above Bobble, staring at him.

“What’s wrong?” Bobble asked, starting to feel nervous again.

Clank shook his head. “Nothing… you look really good.” He gazed back up at Bobble’s face, smiling, and Bobble breathed out a laugh and thanked him. “Can I see your hand?” Clank asked.

Bobble held up his left hand. “What for?” Clank took his hand and guided it between his own legs, pressing Bobble’s palm against his groin. Bobble tensed up and almost pulled his hand away, but instead pressed against Clank, making him groan. “H-how?” Bobble gasped. “I’ve barely touched you.” He suddenly felt guilty. He should have been reciprocating everything Clank was doing.

“You’ve touched me enough…” Clank said heavily. “You feel amazing… you look even better…” he let go of Bobble’s wrists and slid both hands up his thighs until he was holding his hips. Clank pulled Bobble to him until their hips met and ground into him. Bobble cried out. Clank felt so solid against him, every movement of his hips was incredible. More!  Bobble thought. Please more!

Clank moved one hand to Bobble’s stomach and stroked it gently, gradually moving lower. Bobble squirmed against him, creating more friction between them. “Cl-Clank!” Bobble gasped. Clank leaned down and caught Bobble’s mouth with his, but Bobble shook his head and pushed him away. “Clank, please…”

“What?” Clank breathed.

“Take yours off too.” Bobble said, rocking his hips against Clank for emphasis. “Please, I need you to!”

Clank panted. “Are you sure?”

“Aye!” Bobble cried. “Please, Clank!”

“Okay, okay!” Clank said, laying Bobble’s hips back down. “Relax, it’s okay.” Clank rose up on his knees and hooked his thumbs into his pants and started pulling them down. Bobble watched, entranced as his boyfriend stripped before him. He hesitated once his hips were exposed, looking back to Bobble for encouragement. Bobble nodded, and Clank pulled his shorts completely off.

Bobble stared, realizing this was actually the first time he’d seen Clank naked. He shouldn’t have been surprised at Clank’s size after he’d felt him, but seeing his erection uncovered just astounded Bobble. He laughed slightly. “I guess your wings really are the only small thing you have.”

Clank glanced away, rubbing the back of his neck. “Yeah. Um. I can cover up again if you want.”

“No! No don’t!” Bobble said, sitting up. “You don’t have to be nervous around me.” He trailed his fingertips down Clank’s stomach. “I’ve already told you I like everything about you. This is no different.”

He shuttered at Bobble’s touch, so soft, so gentle. Bobble curled his fingers around Clank’s shaft and started to stroke slowly. His small hand was so warm. Clank focused on his breathing as Bobble’s slender fingers pulled back up to his tip. “Bobble…” he whimpered. Bobble was about to speed up when Clank pushed him back down on the bed, once again pulling Bobble’s hips to his own. He thrust his hips forward rubbing their erections together.

Bobble moaned as Clank rocked his hips in an even rhythm. This was more than he’d ever dreamed would happen between Clank and him, and he loved every moment of it. Every thrust, each push against the sensitive tissue sent waves of heat and pleasure through his body. He stared up at Clank, who looked absolutely euphoric. The hunger in his brown eyes matched what Bobble felt. He wanted, no, needed more. He reached down between them again and tried to wrap his hand around both their penises, unable to fit both in his grip. Clank was too big. Even so, he did his best to stroke in time with their thrusting. Clank grunted above him, and lowered his hand as well, able to hold more in his larger palm.

“Feels good…” Clank panted. “Real good.”

“Aye.” Bobble breathed. “Please keep going.” Clank nodded and thrust harder into their hands. Bobble pushed up against the bed to meet him, desperate for more contact. He could feel himself getting close. His legs trembled, and he felt weak in Clank’s hands.

Clank ran his thumb over Bobble’s slick slit, making him cry out, Clank repeated the motion, and Bobble threw his broken arm around Clank’s neck to pull himself to him. He pressed his mouth to Clank’s and let out a loud moan. He couldn’t take much more. Everything touch, every motion, everything was sensational. And the knowledge that this was Clank doing this to him… Clank, who he cared deeply for, whom he wanted for so long, holding him, rocking against him, pressing their bodies together. That thought pushed him over the edge. He stiffened, and released, once again screaming into Clank’s mouth.

He continued to rock against Clank, riding out his orgasm, until he finally fell back against the bed, going completely slack. He stared up at Clank, exhausted and blissful. Clank panted above him, and Bobble caught the desperate look in his eye. “Keep going.” He whispered.

“But you…” Clank breathed.

“I want you to finish too.” Bobble said, curling his hand around Clank’s shaft again, stroking down the length. Clank groaned and rocked his hips into Bobble’s hand again. Bobble twisted his hand, ever so slightly, speeding up his strokes on Clank. “You’re so amazing, Clanky. Everything about you. Your face, your voice, the sounds you’re making. Your body… your touch… every bit of it is incredible.”

Clank gasped as he stiffened and climaxed, spilling onto Bobble’s stomach. After a moment he pulled back and lay down beside Bobble. “I love you.” He whispered. Bobble pulled himself closer to Clank and kissed him softly. Clank rubbed small circles on Bobble’s lower back, the collective mess of their orgasms squishing between their chests. Clank chuckled as he pulled back, and Bobble made a face.

“Maybe we should get cleaned up.” He said, about to climb out of bed. Clank grabbed him and pulled him back to his chest.

“I don’t mind the mess.” He said.

Bobble laughed, “Well I do. Can you let me up please?” Clank nuzzled his neck, nibbling on his shoulder before he let Bobble go. He got some fresh water and washed his chest off, before returning to Clank who was now sitting up in bed. Bobble had a rag with him and sat in Clank’s lap to clean his chest off.

“You really are wonderful, you know that?” Clank said, running his fingers through Bobble’s hair.

Bobble smiled. “Not as wonderful as you are.” He replied. Clank pushed Bobble’s goggles to his forehead and kissed him right under his left eye.

“I missed that one earlier.” He said. Bobble felt warmth in his chest. It felt so good to be loved by Clank. He never dreamed Clank would love him so much, and was pleased to have him here. He lay his head against Clank’s now clean chest and listened to his heartbeat, still pounding rather hard from their activity. His eyes fluttered shut as Clank stroked his back. He felt so tired all of a sudden,

Clank let out a yawn, and lay back, taking Bobble with him. They cuddled up close to each other, their legs tangling together. And within moments were both asleep. Neither could remember why they were unable to sleep in the first place.
TFW you realize you can never post your new fanfiction because it'll confuse and piss people off... why did I waste my time on that...


United States
I just wanted to scan something from my sketchbook.
I own a new 3 in 1 scanner/printer/fax machine. Earlier this evening I printed some puzzles to this device no problem. But then I decided to scan a picture... This is how it went down.
Me: Ok, scan.
Computer: Can't see scanner.
Me: ........what do you mean? You could see it before.
Computer: Well, can't see it.
Me: oh yeah? Well can you print this picture of this dude wearing a bike?
Computer: Oh yeah! I can do that! (prints picture no problem)
Me: Oh, so you CAN see the device!
Computer: Yup.
Me: So scan the thing.
Computer: Nope. Can't see it.
Me: YES YOU CAN. (resets computer) Can you see the thing now?
Computer: yeah, there it is.
Me: Scan the thing.
Computer: Ok.
Me: Thank you.
Computer: Something went wrong.
Me: What.
Computer: Please try again.
Me: WHAT. NO. (tries again)
Computer: Ok, I got this. Lets scan this thing.
Computer: Hey. um. so... something went wrong.....
Me: nooooooooooooooooo
Computer: Please try again.

This went on for a while. Finally I found my flashdrive and plugged that into my scanner and now I have the picture.

Long story short. I hate technology.

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